August Tux
with drink and sun glasses


Pictures of the event were taken by Ilya Konstantinov and by Nana reporter, Ido Kenan.

Pictures by Ido Keynan

Official Flamer, Cabal Non-Leader, Marc Volovic
Udi and ??
Gilad Ben Yodssef speaking
Aviram Jenik demonstrating 1
Aviram Jenik demonstrating 2
Aviram Jenik speaking
Nimrod Keret, Shlomif Fish, Nadav Har'El in the crowd
Muli Ben Yehuda (left) and Aviram Jenik
Orna Agmon (featuring a syscalltrack shirt), Yotan Rubin and the back of Marc Volovic at the key signing party
Bareket's back, Tzafrir Cohen, Nadav Hare'El, Muli Ben Yehuda, Half of Gilad Ben Yossef at the pgp key signing party

Pictures by Ilya Konstantinov

Aduva Employees Reunion: Adi Stav, Lior Kesos, Marc Volovic
Gilad Ben Yossef Lecturing
Aviram Jenik Lecturing
After Revolution OS 1
After Revolution OS 2
After Revolution OS 3
group 1, left to right: Oron Peled, Sorvin,Yoav Orot, Fendor,mulix,ladypine, toastie,KidArt,barman,choo/sipur,tzafrir,milez
the group again, left to right: Oron Peled, Sorvin, Yoav Orot, Fendor,mulix,ladypine, toastie,KidArt,barman,choo/sipur,tzafrir,milez
Linux IL core, left to right: Adi Stav, Gilad Ben-Yossef, Emil Kohn Dan, Oleg Goldshmidt, Marc Volovic, Ira Abramov, a white back?
Muli Ben Yehuda, A.K.A mulix
Orna Agmon, A.K.A ladypine
KidArt, Amir Sela A.K.A Sorvin, Yotam Rubin A.K.A Fendor
After lunch at "Mind the Gap", guy keren A.K.A choo, Muli Ben Yehuda making faces, Tzafrir Cohen
Milez, Ma'ayan Eshed A.K.A hitchuker, and KidArt
KidArt,Dor and Sagi