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Main Track

The general track is organized by the core organizing team. The main track will take place during the entire conference. It includes:

  • Opening session, keynotes, closing session.
  • Introduction to Open Source
  • Community building
  • Other open-source related talks (topics not included by the other tracks).
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PostgreSQL Israel

This track is organized by the PostgreSQL Israel community (sponsored by Postgres Miktzoanim) and the Israeli meetup group of PostgreSQL (under Hamakor). This track will take place on Friday.

  • We have the honor to host Oleg Bartunov, a core developers of PostgreSQL, who will come to Israel to tell us about Version 10.0, a dramatic upgrade of PostgreSQL after years with minor updates.
  • In addition, Dr. Reuven Lerner will teach us cool things that can be done with JSON in PostgreSQL.
  • Aharon Robbins will tell us about two Open Source PostgreSQL plug-ins which he developed for fun purposes, but was surprised to earn money of them.
(Exact times and agenda will be published soon)
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The Public Knowledge Workshop Track

This track is organized by the Public Knowledge Workshop. This track will take place on Thursday morning.

The Public Knowledge Workshop (Hasadna) promotes government data transparency and civic engagement. Its volunteers build open source tools for making public data accessible. They present and analyze various data sets such as the state budget, parliamentary activity of the Knesset, public transport rides, road accidents, zoning plans, air-quality, pension funds investment policies and much more.

The track will include the presentation of Hasadna activity, focusing on 3 main projects:

followed by a hands-on session of the projects' installation and a quick overview of the code.

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Wikipedia you did not know of

This track is organized by the Wikimedia Israel non profit. This track will take place on Friday.

In this track, attendees will receive a general explanation about the technical interface of Wikipedia in general and the Hebrew Wikipedia in particular, the technical challenges it faces, and the various technical tools and infrastructure that is used on a day-to-day basis in the Hebrew Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites on the internet, and its Hebrew version is viewed by over 50 million users every month.

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Open Source Storage

For more information about Open Source Storage. This track will take place on Thursday afternoon.

The track will focus on open source storage technologies.

  • Block storage
  • File systems
  • Key/Value stores
  • Software-defined storage
  • Object storage
  • SSD
  • NVMe

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DevOps in Israel

This track is organized by the DevOps in Israel community. This track will take place on Thursday morning.

DevOps is an organizational culture that emphasizes the cooperation and communication between software developers to the rest of the IT group. The method is based on automating software delivery processes using advanced tools and technology, as well as automating infrastructure changes. The goal of the method is creating a culture and environment in which building, testing and releasing software versions can be done quickly, frequently and more reliably.

The track is focused on presenting tools and methodologies from the following fields:

  • Software infrastructure
  • Server infrastructure
  • Cloud services
  • Container technologies
  • Monitoring and feedback
  • Improving workflows
  • Automation of configuration changes
  • And more...

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Go Israel

This track is organized by the Go Israel community. This track will take place on Thursday morning.

Go is an open source language that fits modern challenges and modern hardware. Go is being used by companies such as Google, YouTube, Dropbox, Canonical (Ubuntu),, eBay, Facebook, Mozilla (FireFox), Yahoo and in many open source projects (for example Docker and kubernetes are written in Go).

This year Go climbed to the tenth popularity position according to TIOBE.

This track is for people who’d like to get to know the Go programming language and the possibilities of using it. The lectures will be at beginners level and will contain introduction to the language and the tools around it.

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MySQL Israel

This track is organized by the MySQL User Group Israel. This track will take place on Thursday afternoon.

No details yet. Stay tuned!